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Contemporary Indigenous Art of Australia
     The image above is from a painting by Judy Mengil of Waringarri Arts
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Contemporary Australian Aboriginal art is at once the most ancient and the very newest of artistic traditions. Drawing on 40,000 years of unbroken cultural tradition that still conceives of Land, Spirit and Man as a connected and balanced whole, it is one of the most brilliant and exciting areas of international contemporary art.

Our gallery is one of the few resources in the United States for fine art from important and emerging Australian Aboriginal artists. Our artists have work residing in the collections of connoisseurs and art museums in Australia and throughout the world.

Using  modern acrylic paints, a limited repertoire of symbols and a distinctive aerial perspective, Australia's indigenous artists create paintings of unique power, managing to be both organic and geometric at the same time. Please click the “about Aboriginal Art” section to learn more.

Australia is a vast continent with many remote geographic regions. Aboriginal artists and art centers are mainly located in these regions and the artworks are organized by region on this website. 
You may navigate by clicking on the regions listed at the TOP or BOTTOM of each page.

The detail and colors of fine art are difficult to accurately capture electronically. If a piece of art interests you, please feel free to contact us regarding  a personal visit or high-resolution images of the work featured on this site. 

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